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Keeping phone contacts is a crucial skill that requires learning, practice, and consistent maintenance. Failing to do so can have negative consequences when you need the contacts later in life.

Friends often approach me to request phone numbers of other mutual acquaintances from shared interests. I’m always able to provide their requests, either by having the numbers saved on my phone or written down somewhere. Some express surprise and ask how I still have these phone numbers after so many years.

Phone numbers rank among the quickest means of contacting someone, followed closely by email, while physical location and direct contact can be considered a last resort. Every person you come across has some level of connection to you, whether it’s through friendship, business relationships, referrals, services, vendors, or clients.

Saving your neighbor’s contact number is essential. Regardless of whether you have a challenging or difficult neighbor, it is advisable to save their contact information or establish close contacts within your neighborhood. Equally important is saving the contact information of product and service providers and sellers around you as well as your children’s teachers. These individuals can be of great help during emergencies.

The best advice is to save and label every phone number you come into contact with so that you can easily refer back to the details when needed. Another way to keep contacts is through business cards. Utilize a personal business card holder or folder to store both business and personal cards in a safe place to prevent damage over time.

For those who prefer more traditional methods, writing contacts in a diary or address book is still a relevant option, especially for those who are not comfortable with technology.

Even one-time transactions or interactions should be saved as contacts, as you never know when you might need them again. This could include the nurse or doctor who attended to you at a clinic, a delivery person, a one-time referral, a professional you met at an event, or someone you encountered during travel.

Have you experienced the struggle of trying to find a friend’s contact when you need it the most? This often happens because you didn’t save it earlier or after your last meeting. Contacts are valuable assets and staying in touch with professional contacts and friends shows them that you remain interested, available, and value their connection.

Life becomes easier when you have relevant contacts readily accessible, eliminating stress and effort. A simple phone call can provide the help you need when you’re connected to your friends and important individuals. Saved contacts can provide urgent information, saving you hours or even days of searching for the right person or information.

Losing a contact can be costly, as it may result in missed opportunities and important moments. Therefore, make a conscious effort to keep your phone contacts safe and save new ones whenever you interact with people.

No contact, regardless of its significance, should be ignored, as all contacts can be helpful in some way.

This is another zero cost initiative.
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