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“Book No Lie” is a famous phrase in pidgin English which literally means what is written and agreed upon is difficult to be disputed.  

My interest in Life Skills as a subject was very phenomenal during my primary school days. As a result, I have grown to be very passionate about life; full of energy, always cheerful and readily available to support people at all levels. It is also interesting to note that I am a very jovial, interesting character and fond of teasing and sharing jokes a lot, my way of reducing stress.

“Life Skills” refers to the expertise you need to make the most of life in areas of communication, decision making, resilience, interpersonal relationships, and self-awareness. The subject lays emphases on the abilities for positive behavior that enables people to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of life.

I have personally suffered some of life’s hardest challenges. My father passed on whiles I was writing my ‘O’ level exams and subsequently buried weeks before my senior secondary certificate exams (SSCE). Indeed, these were very tough times for me as a student. My mother, who was a fishmonger took care of all my educational needs until I finished university. 

At the prime time of my working career when she was expected to enjoy the fruits of her labor, she suddenly died after a short illness. Then a couple of months after her burial, I got embroiled in a divorce issue, another painful experience when I had not even gotten over the pain of her demise, to say the least. I had been deprived of all emotional support from either of my parents when I needed them most and had no one to turn to.

I have experienced some family and friends’ betrayals, failed in certain business ventures, struggled in some life endeavors and many disappointments. But in all these, I encouraged myself and overcame the challenges and came out stronger and better. These days, I see myself as a self-motivator and have encouraged myself through some tough times in life, and of course my source of inspiration and encouragement comes from God.

My attached academic report from class 6 in 1992 says it all: I came 1st in Life Skills which was a remarkable achievement, and my teachers remarks; a confirmation of my leadership skills that defines who I am today. I am very grateful to Mr. Quarshie, my class teacher at St Pauls’ Methodist Primary School for his observation and confirmation at that tender age.

Life Skills has indeed taught me a lot of skills in life. It has also shaped, reformed, and refined me to be the man I am today. Indeed, “BOOK NO LIE”.


Follow your interests in life – it will take you far.
I am The Chief Encouragement Officer (CEO)
I Encourage People To Live Their Dream.

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