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In the corporate world they are best described as competitors.

In government machinery and politics, they refer to them as opposition.

Among family and friends, you and I know them very well as haters and enviers.

When it comes to love relationships, they are best known as rivals.

In terms of business opportunities, they come across as threats and disruptions.

In the military, they do not mince words in referring to them as foes, enemies, and adversaries or best coded as “Tango”.

All these entities, units, groups, and people show up in our lives to give us though challenges, stiff competition, fierce contest, a run for our money and some sleepless nights.

But more importantly, they show up to test our STRENGTH in life.

Do not allow all these to prevent you from achieving and living your DREAM.

You must overcome them by WORKING HARD, NOT GIVING UP, NOT LOOKING DOWN ON YOURSELF and showing STRONG DETERMINATION to progress and win in life.

You can surely OVERCOME!!!
I am the Chief Encouragement Officer (CEO),
I Encourage People to Live Their Dreams.

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