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In the late 80’s, I was witness to the construction of a port terminal expansion at the Tema harbor in Ghana which is the largest in terms of capacity in West and Central Africa. I lived in one of the suburbs at Tema Community 2, popularly known as “BBC Mexico” which was about 2 miles from the harbor, which made it easier for me to see at first hand most of the ongoing construction activities. 

I was fascinated by the movements of all the mechanical equipment like the bulldozers, excavators, rollers, dump trucks, backhoes, mobile cranes among others being used. These machines helped to develop an intense interest in engineering. This subsequently gave me stronger reasons to study the subject when I grow up in order to become an automobile engineer just to satisfy my curiosity and to understand the philosophy behind these monster machines and equipment. 

While I studied hard throughout my educational journey to make the best grades because of the ambition ahead, it also became evident that I was developing leadership qualities right from nursery, primary, junior, and senior secondary school all the way to university and even during post graduate studies. 

In most cases, I got appointed, nominated, elected, or even volunteered to positions like garden boy, school drummer, class prefect, drama team leader, compound overseer, group/club organizer or president,  Ghana engineering students’ organizer and later its President as well as SRC Council Member. Church leadership cannot be overemphasized in all these. 

My dream to study engineering also materialized after successfully passing my senior secondary certificate exams and gained admission to study mechanical engineering at the prestigious college of engineering at KNUST. 

I continued to develop my organizational dexterity and leadership skills after university and utilized it in all stages of my professional career. It became quite evident that everywhere I found myself, I was leading groups, project crew, expats, technicians, engineers, and people in general. 

As a mechanical engineer mostly involved in people management and operations, I discovered inspiring and motivating the people around me was my greatest asset. Friends and people around me always sought counsel, advice, encouragement, and motivation from me on varied subjects and disciplines. 

Beside my passion for engineering, people leadership and motivational speaking has been the greatest fulfilment in life. The destination and dream set from the onset during childhood led to the direction which the dream followed.

I am who I am today because I followed my passion, i did what I know to do best, am enjoying it and have found fulfillment in life.

Follow your Passion, 

Pursue what you Love doing,

Guaranteed – You will achieve your DREAMS.

I am the Chief Encouragement Officer (CEO)

I Encourage People To Live Their Dreams.




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